Vaping Oils Blamed in Army Deaths & Hospitalizations


Andy Gray

Yet another reason why the synthetic marijuana is NOT a healthy alternative.

This story comes to us first reported at CBS News. While I was quite disturbed by this, it is what it is.

Let me digress….

Two Marines Have Died in Accidents Blamed on Synthetic Cannabinoid-Induced Seizures

Marines. People who fight for and protect our lovely country. The USA. This is the last group of people I thought would be delving into drugs, however they can’t do “real drugs” because they will be discharged from service and lose all of their benefits.

You would think, however, that these well educated and trained soldiers know that the synethic stuff is VERY sketchy and unhealthy. The “real stuff” is the better option, but of course, that shows up in drug testing.

Let’s dive into this story….

In January, about 60 soldiers and Marines located in North Carolina coupled with another 33 stationed in Utah had very serious medical problems. In a public health alert, their respective health center put out a warning in regards to vaping synethic cannabinoid oil.

The soldiers suffered from the following conditions:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • palpitations
  • dilated pupils
  • dizziness
  • agitation
  • seizures

In addition, there are two reported deaths from seizures that were supposedly caused by synthetic cannabinoid consumption.

Any product derived from marijuana is banned by the Army, so the soldiers turned to the synthetic versions, which is a big mistake.

Look, I’ve consumed marijuana since I was about 17 years old. It’s approved medically and recreationally in most States in the USA for the reason of it being an aid to many conditions people have.

For me, it’s a relaxation product and pain relief product that is better for my body and system than aspirin.

However, I’ve been hearing about the synthetic stuff being terrible for years, and I’ll never try it. I’ve heard stories of it being likened to tripping on acid, to worse.

I don’t need to have seizures. My brother has them, and they are terrifying. There is no reason you should have a synethic product. If you are of age, and it’s legal for you, of course, the real stuff is always your best option.

And with those options, you’ll need a vape pen. Here is my 2018 list of vape pens. Tried and trusted.

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