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I decided that to help myself quit smoking I would invest in a vape. I wanted something simple, semi-discrete (for using at work), and with a plain flavor (I had used the Vuse e-cigarettes before and wanted a longer lasting version of that.) I went to one of the two vape shops in my small hometown and upon opening the door I was met with a wall of berry smelling smoke (which I later learned was called "cloud"); there was about 50% visibility in the store. There were three people in the front of the store vaping out massive clouds of cloud but the clerk was in the toilet. After he came out I explained what I was looking for and he presented me with a less that subtle lightsaber looking device that he assured me could be "modded", took all kinds of "juice" (that they hand mixed in store), and provided great "cloud".
He then provided me with a menu of all kinda of juice flavors ranging from Sprite Remix to berry-peach something something. This menu was pages long and he went into quite the spiel about the extensive variety of flavors and about three minutes into it I stopped him and said that I really would prefer something with a neutral or no flavor. He looked at me in a half puzzled, half offended manor and told me that he didn't believe that such a thing existed. I thanked him for his time and left the store (I could smell the berry cloud on me for the next ten minutes.)
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I then drove by the second vape shop in my town which happened to have a large glass window front. Through the window I could see a scene identical to the last shop; big clouds and people hanging out vaping. I decided to just keep driving.
I lived in Colorado for a while and thought that these vaporizers and clouds where just people smoking pot. Oddly enough vape culture seemed to be more like pot culture than actual pot culture in Colorado. A majority of the dispensaries I visited there were just like any normal business and didn't have a bunch of stoners hanging out talking about bongs. They didn't throw slang in your face or have Cheech & Chong posters on the wall or anything like that. I think they were likely just too busy to mess around with the culture at all. It seems now that pot has become more mainstream the "stoner" archetype has been passed down do vapers. I guess I find that behavior more forgivable if you are actually on drugs as I was completely turned off by that vape store experience.
Ultimately I went to the local Smoker Friendly and bought the larger version of an e-cigarette.
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