The reasons that some glass bongs very expensive



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Have you ever walked into a main store and thought you found a perfect smoking gun, but was turned away by its outrageous price tag, and resulted in something more reasonable but hardly so great? If so, then welcome to the struggle that almost every stone man faces. Why some glass bongrs are so expensive is a question that marijuana bongrs have been asking themselves since they first learned to tear a bowl, and there are good reasons for this.


The reason why some glass bongrs are so expensive

Unfortunately, not every sticky lover lives on a high salary like Snoop Dogg, so it makes sense to choose cheap cigarettes. Not to mention, some high-end smoking guns have identical twins to steal, so the temptation to choose the one that will leave you with extra cash in your pocket is really true. But, have you made the best choice for you and your babies?

When you have money, of course, you want to spend it on things that make you climax and lasting. But at the same time, when you have invested enough money in weeds, you don’t want to invest more than $100 on the pipe. If you are only profiting from alcohol and tobacco here and there, then buying cheap things is not a bad idea. They can solve problems, and they last for a while when you hardly use them. However, if you are a daily bongr and you are looking for something that not only can withstand thousands of cigarettes, but also provides delicious cracks and dense milky clouds, then please give yourself a high-priced cigarette that makes the most sense. Here are some of the reasons why glass bong guns are so expensive, and some of the best bong guns, they will tear abnormally, but they won't tear you.

1. It takes a lot of time and effort to make expensive smoking guns

Before the bong gun becomes a smokable solid, it is just a piece of molten glass. In the course of a few hours, the glass blower transforms the initial flexible molten glass into a customized artwork. The process of making pipes is cumbersome, and each piece requires a lot of labor, so it is no wonder that some glass pipes are so expensive. It involves a hollow steel rod or blowpipe, and extreme temperatures as high as 1,000 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Not to mention, a lot of skill, focus and attention to detail. And the more refined and decorative, the more work you put in.

Nine out of ten, the effort to make a single bongr is the main reason why some glass bongrs are so expensive. With a cheap bongr, you won’t get as much enthusiasm or creativity as a high-end product. So next time you sneer at an expensive work, remember the artist and the necessary sweat. Anyone can make a cheap accordion, but only talented artists can give it all to create an accordion that is not only beautiful inside and out, but also powerful and reliable.

2. The most expensive smoking gun comes from a trusted brand

Another reason why some glass bongrs are so expensive is that they are designed and manufactured by trusted brands. Companies like GRAV sell their bong guns for between $60 and $500, but people are willing to pay because they know that the brand knows how they like to provide bong. When it comes to buying a smoking gun, you are not just looking for a brand-name product, but your reputation largely explains where your money goes and whether you will be satisfied with your decision.

People who bong marijuana are unique because they all have different favorite strains, preferred methods of smoking marijuana, etc. But they all have something in common, that is, they want the best experience, the best bong, and don't want to waste their weeds or time. Before thinking about why some glass cigarette bongrs are so expensive for too long and deny potential bad guys just because of the price tag, do your research first and pay attention to their reviews, because if your fellow smoking marijuana community likes it, then you will also like it .

3. Some high-end bong guns have functions to enhance your smoking experience

The next reason why some glass bong guns are so expensive is their functions. These functions are not for display, but to improve the quality of the bong and the overall experience. From the ice collector, which allows you to put ice cubes in your bong gun to create a smoother and cooler crack, to the spiral chimney, it can extend the air path of your bong gun, which leads to the throat On a very comfortable fresh shot, the bong function participates in an already sweet meeting, making it even sweeter.

The Goldeneye in RoB's Bong Line Hurricane is a good example of distinctive high-end Bongs. It may cost as much as $400 or so, but it provides the smoothest tear on the planet. The Goldeneye is made of first-class 100% borosilicate Schott Duran glass and has 6 Hurricane nozzles to circulate bong indoors. As a result, tiny water droplets gathered together and then pressed onto the glass. When the bong reaches your mouth, it is as clean and pure as bong. Most importantly, Goldeneye has a dry ash trap attached to the lower pole to prevent most harmful particles (such as tar) found in the bong from reaching the chimney.

This is just to point out some of the functions of Goldeneye. But as we have seen, these characteristics are the reason why some glass bong guns are so expensive. They can protect the quality of your weeds and even your health. Therefore, when buying a smoking gun and trying to choose between cheap and high-end, ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice your weeds and lungs at a low price. This decision should be easy.

Just because a Bond spends the highest dollar does not make it a plagiarism
There are many reasons why some glass bong guns are so expensive, so you may not always believe the price tag of the bong gun. Just because a large sum of money for a firework does not mean it is a waste of money. Again, it may be. The same applies to cheap bong guns. Rather than choosing a bong gun based on the price, always remember to pay attention to who made it, who used it, and the features it comes with. In most cases, these factors are related to why some glass bong guns are so expensive.

Now that you have a better understanding of why some big glass bongrs are so expensive, shopping for bongrs will become easier and less stressful. If you have extra funds and are looking for high-quality high-end welding torches, please check our list of the top ten highest quality welding torches in 2018. Just in case you doubt if you are going to wash away too much cash on expensive tobacco and alcohol, please refer to our guide on how to avoid being blackmailed when shopping for tobacco and alcohol.


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A very informative article about smoking guns. I believe these are difficult to smoke. Seems very cool in the picture.
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