Strawberry Jam Monster DIY E-liquid Recipe #REMIXMONTH

Discussion in 'Do It Your Damn Self -Best E-Juice Recipes' started by enyawreklaw, May 23, 2018.

  1. Jam Monster Strawberry is an e-liquid that surprised me quite a bit. I was not a big fan of the Blueberry Jam Monster and wasn’t really excited about remixing this one. But after vaping it, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. While it’s extremely sweet, I was able to pick up on all the different layers of the juice. The strawberry, the jam, and the toast all come through. The strawberry jam flavor was done well, and Jam Monster did a good job of creating a sticky, jammy, strawberry. The toast is subdued in the back but works really well, and there is a buttery note that runs through the entire vape. Overall I was impressed. But I was stumped. I used a ton of different combinations of bakeries & strawberries but nothing came even close to the flavor they were given me. But after a few suggestions from you guys, I happened upon RF Strawberry Jam w/ Toast, and immediately was on the right track. Here is the recipe.

    RF (SC)​
    Strawberry Jam w/ Toast​
    RF (SC)​
    Sweet Strawberry​
    Golden Butter​
    Super Sweet​
    MIX AT
    3 Days
    Flavor Notes

    RF Strawberry Jam w/ Toast: This is the flavor that pulls the entire recipe together. It’s not the ONLY flavor, something many previously thought, but its certainly the most important. It’s quite potent so I had to use a concentration of 2% to make sure that toast note didn’t completely override the others. 2% is just the right amount as it sits nicely in the mix, and lends all its flavors to the other ingredients. If you do not have this ingredient, you CAN NOT make Jam Monster.

    RF Strawberry (SC) / CAP Sweet Strawberry: Now this combination of strawberry is what I put together to get as close as I could to the strawberry flavor I taste in the original. My first iterations of this remix I used TFA Cranberry to try and get that jammy deep red flavor I taste in Jam. But it just so happens to be that RF Strawberry is the perfect note to do that. And then I use CAP Sweet Strawberry to help brighten it up and move that strawberry towards the front creating more of a commercial flavor. Both flavorings I used at 3%, where anything lower, the toast in RF Strawb w/ Toast becomes too apparent.

    CAP Golden Butter: The last note is the butter. While I think that Jam Monster is using TFA Butter, I’m using CAP Golden Butter because I think it just carries a bit more of a subtle flavor. I don’t really enjoy the “oily” nature of Jam Monster, but if you do, just replace with TFA Butter and use at the same percentage. That percentage being 2%. Here, the butter is present and helps soothe the strawberry notes, but isn’t cloying or too oily.

    CAP Super Sweet: This is a necessary ingredient in the mix if you want your version to taste exactly like the original. If you DON’T like how sweet the original is, you can leave it out or use only a drop or so. But the sweetener really just makes the mix extremely vibrant and help kill any of the off flavors you might get from the Toast flavoring.
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