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Our History
RONGCHENGHUA was established in 2015. After more than four years of rapid development, the company has become one of the largest stainless steel trading enterprises in China and has become a comprehensive steel supplier integrating processing, storage and sales.
Our Factory
A modern comprehensive steel service enterprise integrating the wholesale and processing, storage and distribution of stainless steel materials, with an annual sales volume of 600 million yuan, has imported steel processing equipment, modern physical and chemical testing center and 9 processing centers of "cutting, cutting, surface grinding, forming, welding, precision sheet metal, machining".
Our Product
The company mainly deals in cold and hot rolled stainless steel sheet&coil, material: 201, 202, 304 (30408), 304L (30403), 304H, 304j 1, 316L (31603), 316Ti, 321 (32168), 310S (2520), 309S, 317L, 0Cr13, 1Cr13, 2Cr13, 409L, 430, 444, 441, 439, 436, 436m, duplex steel, super stainless steel; 2205 (31803), 2507, 630, F55, F9, F11, F22, 904, etc, The thickness is 0.3mm-200mm, the width is within 2500mm, the standing stock is 5000-10000t, and the annual sales volume is 600 million yuan. The company has successively introduced Italian 1650 / 2100 longitudinal shear equipment, hot and cold rolling plate grinding equipment, German plasma water cutting equipment, laser cutting equipment, Swiss and Spanish teeth bending and straightening equipment, which can precisely level, strip, shear plate, oil grinding and drawing stainless steel materials Wire, whole roll film covered drawing, 8K mirror, Ba, frosting, snow sand, fingerprint free, color stainless steel processing, etc.
Product Application
Materials are widely used in food, beverage, medicine, machinery, petroleum, boiler, heat exchanger, chemical industry, aviation, nuclear power and other industries. The company has a strong customer group, high-quality team, and modern logistics concept, widely serving various industries at home and abroad.
Production Equipment
Cross cutting and leveling equipment, Slitting equipment, Drawing mirror equipment, Whole roll grinding equipment for medium and thick plates and thin plates, Plasma cutting equipment, Laser cutting equipment, Water jet cutting equipment, Flat steel equipment, Shear plate equipment, Coil winding equipment, Bending equipment.
Production Market
RONGCHENGHUA accelerates the pace of transfer from the regional market to the national market, and realizesthe sales mode of centralized procurement and chain operation, so as to "secure customers and save worry ""Sunshine source of goods, dedicated design services, assured product quality, satisfactory logistics support, fall in love with the after-sales service"for themajority of customers to provide production, processing, sales Integrated services .So far, the company from wuxi, sales network has been throughout the major cities in China, business scope through out east China, central China, north China, south west and south China and other regions. At the same time, RONGCHENGHUA with advanced processing advantages, high-quality product features, the future will be gradually exported to Europe and other international markets.
Our Service
Pre-sales, send samples free of charge, proofing drawings (1-3 days for sample production), and provide appropriate purchase suggestions for stainless steel plates.
During sale: technical personnel provide technical guidance in the whole process to solve difficult problems in processing.
After sales, high-quality business team, one-to-one after sales team respond to the needs quickly, so that you have no worries in the whole process.Stainless Processing suppliers
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