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  1. First off, this forum is for adults only, there is going to be lots of shit talking, cussing, and everything in between.
    If you are easily offended or disagree with someone else's post or behavior than simply ignore, remove or kick that person from your area.


    You are an adult if you are here, 18+ there cannot be any exceptions to this rule. :(

    1. NO drugs related anything here. This is one of the only things watched heavily on this forum. When talking about dry herb (bud) or related terms please use the term or terms hemp based or CBD. Really simpleo_O

    2. Nobody likes the racist person right? So no racism, homophobic, sexist crap here. Especially in a users name.

    3. Zero nudity pics people:( This isn't a porn shop, it's a vape forum.

    4. Please no affiliate, or referral links in forums. We will dedicate things like this is special forums so vendors and members will be able to show off what they have to offer.

    5. No violence related anything in videos or pics:eek: Can't we all just get along!

    6. Please do not post any of your own of anyone else's personal info. Why would anyone even want to do this? We honestly don't know either.

    7. Spammers suck. Please don't suck:D Posting in forums outside of your desired category sucks too. Don't make things confusing for everyone else. Read the forum title and post accordingly.

    8. Rules suck..When they are followed, everything works better.

    9. There':)s only 8 rules

    Any questions on these rules drop the moderator a message
    These forums are monitored constantly so play nice!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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