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Our History
Ningbo Weihua Machinery located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, where is the center of export expertise and the most concentrated area of industry, covers an area of 37000m2 and a building area of 28616m2.
Since 1993, when it was founded, Weihua, Under the concept of 鈥淎lways stand with our clients鈥? concentrated on building smart factories with turnkey solutions for liquid(beverage) companies, have been providing global customers with high quality products with reasonable price and meticulous before and after sales service all the time.
There are around 400 employees in Weihua, including nearly 100 R&D staff, which accounts for 25% of the total employees.
Although Weihua has made achievements in our field through years of technology innovation and market exploration, and has established good cooperation with thousands of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, we still keep in mind our mission 鈥渁lways stand with our clients鈥?
Our Product
Complete sets of intelligent equipment and comprehensive solutions for the whole line equipment for condiments, liquor, beverage and etc. Single equipment includes CIP Station, UHT Sterilizer, Pasteuizer, Diatomite Filter, Aseptic tank, Yeast Spread Cultivation System, Salt Dissolving System and etc.
The whole line of the packaging production: bottle washing, weighing filling and capping block, bottle rinsering, mechanical filling and capping block, rinsering, flowmeter filling and capping block, weighing filling and capping block, flowmeter filling and capping blcok, mechanical filling machine and capping block, rinser, weighing filling machine, flowmeter filling machine, mechanical filling machine, capping machine, cap screwer, High Level Depallertiser, Low Level Depallertiser, Cold glue labelling machine, Hot melt adhesive Labeling Machine, self-adhesive labeling machine, Laser printer, Ink jet printer, bottom infeed non-returnable packer, side infeed non-returnable packer, Robot packer, Gantry packer, Robot Palletizer, Column Palletizer, Gantry Palletiser.
Whole line solution for brewing process(soy sauce, vinegar and liquor): Continuous Cooking Production Line, Rotary Steaming Pot, Air-bath/ Sand-bath Roasting Machine, Flour Steaming Machine, Continuous Steel Belt/ Net Type Cooling Machine, Solid State Cultivator/ Seed Koji Cultivation Machine, Rotary Automatic Koji Making Equipment, Belt Conveyor, Pressing Line/Machine, Full-automatic Sterilizer.

Product Application
Package production line: unloading, conveying, bottle washing, filling, sealing, labeling, labeling, code spraying, paper wrapping machine, packing machine, palletizing machine and related testing equipment.
Whole line solution for brewing process (soy sauce, vinegar and liquor): soybean extract, wheat roasting, koji making, fermentation, pressing, sterilization and etc.
Our Certificate
By December 2019, Weihua Machinery has obtained 19 valid invention patents, 46 utility model patents, 9 appearance patents, and 74 intellectual property rights in total.
Production Equipment
Roll Forming Machines, Bending Machines, Cutting Plate Machines, Lathes, Punching Shear Lathe, Multi-purpose Punching and Shearing Machines, Waterjet Cutting Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Machines, Vertical Milling Miller, Radial Drill, Machining Centers, CNC Vertical Machining Center, Single Column Vertical Turning and Milling Machining Center, Universal Grinder, WEDMs, Grinding Miller, Sawing Machines, Robot Welding Machines, Longmen Millers, Closed Pipe Welding Gun.
Production Market
Weihua Machinery is honored to serve many well-known clients, such as Haitian Flavoring and Food Co., Ltd, Lee Kum Kee, Guangdong Meiweixian seasoning Food Co., Ltd Heinz, Kraft Heinz, Donggu, Qianhe Flavoring and Food, Yihai Kerry, Shandong Luhua group, Jia Jia Food Group Co., Ltd, Guiyang weichunyuan Food Co., Ltd, Heilongjiang Xiangqi Food Co., Ltd, Yang River Winery, Gujing Group, Shandong Jingzhi Winery, Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Flavor Food Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Hengshun vinegar Co., Ltd, Beijing Red Star Co., Ltd, Kuaijishan Shaoxing Liquor Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Wuweihe Food Co., Ltd, Maru Jinzhongyong, Zhejiang Guyuelongshan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd and etc. Since 1993, Weihua has successfully assembled more than 600 lines at home and abroad.
Our Service
Pre-sale service: Make basic plan after communicating with customers and make quotation of relevant equipment.
In-sale service: Design and manufacture according to the contract, and cooperate with customers to do FAT inspection. As well as make design and manufacturing changes according to customer needs.
After-sales service: provide relevant operation training for the customer's staff, and also one-year warranty period for the equipment. Precoat Filter manufacturers
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