Lemon Twist: Pink Punch Lemonade (DIY E-liquid Recipe Clone)

Discussion in 'Do It Your Damn Self -Best E-Juice Recipes' started by enyawreklaw, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Flavor Notes:

    CAP Italian Lemon Sicily: In this recipe, finding the right "lemon drop" flavor was vital. After tasting over a dozen other lemon flavorings from various companies, I settled on this lemon because it seems to be closest to the lemon drop flavor. While it's authentic, there is a bit extra sweetness added to the profile that moves it over to the candy genre...but not by much. I'm using this at 3%, where I get enough of the lemon foundation, without it being too harsh or sharp.

    CAP Lemon Lime: This is the secret weapon to the recipe. This, in conjunction with Italian Lemon Sicily, creates the Lemon Twist flavor, or better yet, that deliciously bright, vibrant, and extremely sweet, lemon drop flavor. At 3%, it's a perfect accompaniment to Lemon Sicily, adding that much needed hard candy flavor without giving the "jelly candy" effect. It also works as a great bridge between the lemon and "pink" flavor.

    OOO Lemon (Round Candy): Now I'm only using this ingredient because I think it does help enhance that lemon drop flavor a bit. I have not tried this recipe without it, but I can take a guess and say if you leave it out, you'll still get that lemon drop flavor profile with just the Sicily and Lemon Lime. But if you do have it, it's a great lemon candy flavor, and the ONLY flavoring like this between all the lemons of all the other companies.

    CAP Pink Lemonade: This is the "pink punch" aspect of the recipe. While initially, I thought Lemon Twist did something different to create that vibrant pink sweetness in the mix, it's this flavoring + lemon lime, that creates that punch note. Which makes my job easier.

    Lemon Twist: Pink Punch Lemonade REMIX
    by ENYAWREKLAW View Mix


    It's quite close, and to be honest, I think its a bit better. It's more "pink" and isn't nearly as harsh, but still damn sweet. If you've had the original, i'm interested in your thoughts about this remix.

    Made on "Live Mixing: Pink Punch Lemonade"

    % Vendor Flavor
    Italian Lemon Sicily
    Lemon Lime
    Lemon Round Candy
    Pink Lemonade
    Super Sweet
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