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Cloudpuncher Personal Vape Specialist
Staff member
A5B11D52-826C-43ED-953C-430E1FA395C0.jpeg So shiny, cleaning and polishing some of my mods. The day started out slow took advantage to build, clean, and change coils. I feel as a true Vaper you can’t have to many mods. Always need to have a regulated and a mech mod, tank and RDA by me at all times. But remember the important thing doesn’t matter if you have one mod or many. Always take the time to clean and maintain them make sure they are always in good shape. If you have any issues or questions when doing so visit your local vape shop take advantage of their knowledge. I always welcome the opportunity to answer questions and connect to my Vape community. There are no dumb questions if you a reputable Vape shop it’s our business to educate and help others and not make them feel stupid cause they can’t build or maybe run a starter kit we all Vape. I come across at least one new customer a day that has felt intimidated or uncomfortable about going to a Vape shop cause of past experiences or they don’t want to look dumb. These are my favorite customers because when they leave my shop they feel like family and can’t wait to come back and hang out. You don’t have to own a Vape shop or work in one either to do your part and help other in the Vape community. If you get asked a question about Vaping and can answer it with confidence don’t do it in a way that might belittle that person cause they don’t know that much about vaping. We all have been there at some point and needed help. Just my advice and opinion.
~ Cloudpuncher ~