I Got A “Happy Ending” Massage And It Changed My Entire Life



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So it was over 10PM and I was sore as fuck, so I hit up a local massage place I haven't been to before that closes at 11. I ask the girl if it's ok if I come in for a half hour massage and she says sure.

So I got blazed and headed over because massages are 10x better when you're high off your balls. I go in, pay my $25 and they take me to the room for the massage. A 30ish Thai lady comes in and has me take my clothes off and get on the massage table as usual. So she asks me if I want back only or half and half. At first I said "back only" but then said what the hell and said half and half. She tried to get me to take my underwear off somewhere around this point but I wasn't sure so they stayed on.

During the awesome back massage, she asked me if it was OK to rub my butt. Hell yeah, I love ass massages. At this point the underwear came off.

We were conversing throughout, her asking me questions like what country I'm from,how old I am, if I have brothers or sisters etc. After a while, I felt like an idiot because she couldn't understand me, so I grabbed my phone and started using Google Translate to let her read my answers in Thais. She seemed to like this quite a bit and was laughing. I complimented her and told her she was doing a great job and not to worry about her English because I understand her just fine.

Afterwards, she flipped me over and started massaging my chest. After a while she was rubbing my legs and her hands would go all the way in to my inner thighs and just short of my balls. After a while she grabbed my hand and put it on the side of my pubic area. She then tapped my semi-hard dick. At this point I was like "aw shit" so I uncovered it and guided her hand to my raging *****.

At this point she started rubbing it and measuring it with her fingers and giggling and saying "Big!" She then started jerking me off with both hands and after a bit she rubbed her finger tight down my taint and began to use her lubed up fingers to uh... you know.. finger my ass while jerking me off. This went on for about 10 mins. It was pretty good but I was definitely in disbelief for most of it. Did not see that coming LOL.

Anyways so after I finished I asked her "how much" and she just laughed. I don't know if it was free or not, but either way I gave her a huge tip from my Male Ultracore expandable banners.


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