Geekvape Alpha Tank Review | Mesh Coils and Convenient Top-Fill


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Geekvape Alpha Review

Geekvape keeps up with the trends. It’s about time they released a resin tank with mesh coil heads. The Alpha is their latest sub ohm tank designed to match their latest resin dual-battery mod. It’s 25 mm in diameter, holds 4 mL of e-juice and is constructed of resin and steel.

The Alpha features a locking top-fill feature and a new Meshmellow coil system which uses Egyptian organic cotton. Dual-bottom airflow is designed to keep the atomizer cool while running it at high wattages. I’ve used quite a few mesh tanks lately like the SKRR, Mesh Pro and the Fat Baby Mesh. I’m very curious to see how the Alpha compares to them.

The Geekvape Alpha was sent to us to review courtesy of MyVPro.

Colors: Silver ember, silver twilight, silver flare, black onyx, blue onyx
Price: $32.99 (at MyVpro)

Kit Content

  • Alpha sub ohm tank
  • MM X1 0.15-ohm coil
  • MM X2 0.4-ohm coil
  • Spare glass tube
  • Instructional manual

  • Base diameter 25 mm
  • Maximum juice capacity 4 mL
  • Stainless steel & resin construction
  • High-grade glass re-inforcement
  • Geekvape Meshmellow coil system
  • MM X1 single mesh 0.15-ohm coil (rated for 60-110 watts)
  • MM X2 dual mesh coil 0.4-ohm coil (rated for 50-80 watts)
  • Premium Egyptian cotton
  • Top-fill rotary design – lock button mechanism
  • Dual adjustable airflow control at base
  • 810 18-mm wide resin drip tip
  • 510 connection
Build quality and design

The Alpha is well constructed and looks pristine. It has a bulbous shape to it, and a sparkling resin swirled finish. I received the silver twilight version, which looks great on most of my mods. It matches up perfectly with the silver resin design of the Geekvape Nova mod, which we reviewed recently.

The top-fill mechanism is very similar to the ones on the newer SMOK tanks. The top flicks open when you press the “OPEN” button, revealing a rubber-coated fill port. It was relatively easy to fill with a dropper, but not so much with larger chubby gorilla bottles, due to the location of the fill port.

The Alpha sports a convex glass tube and comes with a spare. The rest of the tank is made out of resin-coated stainless steel. The machining is top-notch, which is expected from Geekvape.

Last but not least, it’s topped off with a wide bore drip tip that continues the resin color scheme.


The Alpha tank makes use of a brand-new coil system. Geekvape is calling them Meshmellow coil heads. They both utilize Egyptian organic cotton for wicking instead of the Japanese variety. The single coil is designed for high-wattage while the dual coil is suited for mid-range wattages. Both coils seem to have a narrower opening on top than most mesh coils I have seen, which could possibly give it a slight advantage in terms of flavor.

  • MM X1 single mesh 0.2 rated for 60-110 W
  • MM X2 dual mesh 0.4 ohms rated for 50-80 W

I have been chain vaping on the MM X1 single mesh coil at around 75 watts for the last week. I haven’t experienced a dry hit, spitback or leaking at all. The X1 coil runs through juice like crazy, but what else would you expect from any 0.2-ohm coil head running at such high wattages?

The other coil head is better suited for mid-wattage vaping. It’s 0.4 ohms and less power-hungry despite being a dual coil. The X2 seems more practical to use with the Alpha, given its 4 mL capacity. The O-rings on the coils have a tendency to slip off, so be careful when installing them.


The Alpha got off to a pretty rough start. The airflow control kept locking up on me. Not to mention, I think I was getting a plastic taste at first. It could have been coming from the resin drip tip or base of the tank. Once I broke it in, both issues have resolved themselves fortunately.

It was nothing but smooth sailing after that. The flavor I get from both coils is very enjoyable. The X2 coil puts out a mean cloud at lower wattages while the X1 provides “in your face” flavor. I’m not sure if the flavor is due to the Egyptian cotton, the overall design, or a little bit of both.

Either way I was very impressed with the performance on this tank. The clouds were off the charts, especially with the X1 coil at 80 watts or higher. It seems to be holding up really well for a week. I specifically used a sweet creamy e-juice to torture test it, and it has passed so far. I think you can get two, maybe even three weeks out of these coils depending on how often you use them.

Using the top-fill came in handy as I have been refilling this tank at least four or five times a day. The tank is easy to take apart and clean, and it uses nice beefy O-rings. The minor issues I had were outweighed by the great flavor and huge dense clouds I got from the Geekvape Alpha.


The airflow control adjusts freely with stoppers on both sides. It is extremely smooth and quiet but gets louder the more you close it off. Not as loud as the Fat Baby Mesh, but it isn’t silent. The airflow system is designed to keep the tank cool at high wattages. It seems to be working.

No matter how high I kicked up the wattage, the vapor never seems to get too hot. Overall the airflow on the Alpha provides a super smooth direct lung draw that works great on every setting. I prefer airflow controls that click into place, but that hasn’t been as popular these days.

  • Attractive resin design
  • Locking top-fill system
  • Good coil longevity
  • Intense flavor
  • Strong vapor production
  • Very smooth airflow
  • Stays cool at high wattages
  • Capable of mid to high-range vaping
  • Matches the Nova mod perfectly
  • Plastic taste when brand new
  • Airflow control also needed breaking in
  • Runs through e-juice quickly

We have a winner. Geekvape is very meticulous about their work. You know they put a lot of thought into their products. This tank is evidence that they are aware of what is out there, and striving to improve on it. They’ve adopted some of the most popular features from some of the best sub ohm tanks like a resin body, mesh coils and a locking top-fill system.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this tank. Despite those few hiccups in the beginning, I would still recommend this to somebody looking for a new resin tank with mesh coils. The flavor is on point and the clouds are tremendous, especially using the X1 coils at higher wattage ranges. If you’re using a single-battery mod, the Alpha is a nice option with those X2 coils. What do you think about the Geekvape Alpha? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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