FDA Still Mulling Ban on E Cigarette Flavors


Andy Gray

The FDA and the constant debate on e-cigarettes continues. This time, as we’ve known for quite a while, they are mulling over the decision on what to do about flavors in the juices.

They may limit them – or they may all out ban them. According to research, teens start to vape because of the allure of a fruity flavors and the perceived tasty feeling they get when they use them. Some health experts are in the opinion that this is what drives teens to use vapor products.

I’ve stated all along, that if this is the opinion, there must be an IMMEDIATE ban on all flavored Vodka and associated alcohol products.

Think about it, how many kids are lured in with fruity, flavored vodka’s? You can get Vodka, as well as other drinks that contain alcohol in massive amounts, in about as many flavors as you could ever imagine. Just recently over the Holidays I witnessed my aunt drinking peppermint flavored vodka. I mean, sure, it’s Christmas, but if you are going to tell me that flavors are drawing in under-age consumption of e-cigs, you have to have the same stance on booze. It’s not one or the other.

Sure, vape pens and the such are going to be more appealing with a wide variety of offerings. It’s marketing. Just like any other business, there needs to be variety and innovation to continue to seek profits. However, you can’t simply pick on one industry because it’s convenient and you have a stance.

I won’t lie, there are MANY flavors that lure in the teens, but that same notion can be made in many parallel industries. Perhaps none other than blunt wrap. Have you seen what they market?

If flavors like Mojito and Grape-a-Licious aren’t luring in teens, I don’t know what is.

The FDA is making a decision that could really hurt – or help – the industry. I just hope justice is out there for other parallel industries who are clearing getting away with things if they think they are going to market in the same demeanor.

You’ll find most of the flavors are sold in the e-hookah type products, as well as the e juice blends that are sold to go with any refillable liquid cartridge.

I get the concern, and I’m all for regulation and making sure things are safe. The major talking point being thrown around here is that some of the ingredients in the flavoring have tested as toxic from time to time. Of course, I’m all for quality control and e-liquid testing so that is a MUST. Like they say, safety first. I will go out on a limb and say that there is no way all of the flavors are toxic, but of course some mandatory testing, which is going to be the norm, will sort that out.

I’ll of course keep you all posted when we get closer to any FDA ruling. This will be an interesting time, that’s a certainty.

Remember, you have a voice – let it be heard.

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