FDA Grants a 30-day Extension for Comments on Flavor Regulation

Discussion in 'CASAA.ORG' started by Alex Clark, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. The FDA is extending the comment period for the advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM) regarding a product standard for flavored vapor and tobacco products to July 19, 2018. The unpublished version of the announcement is below.

    CASAA and many other groups submitted requests for a 90-day extension (see below). While 30-days is obviously short of what we would like, it is an acceptable compromise for this phase of the rule making process. Please see our earlier post from our May newsletter about the ways consumers can participate and make comments on the flavor standards ANPRM.

    The FDA is also granting extensions for submitting comments on:

    • The ANPRM for premium cigars – July 25, 2018
    • The ANPRM for a nicotine standard (reducing the levels of nicotine in cigarettes) – July 16, 2018.

    • CASAA’s request for extending the Flavors ANPRM comment period
    04.17.18 - (2)FDA Extension Request (Flavors ANPRM) (2018)

    • Unpublished announcement of extension (to be published in the Federal Register on June 8, 2018)
    06.07.18 - FDA Extenstion ANPRM Flavors - Announcement 2018-12369
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