Electronic Cigarette Flavors Get Surprise Supporter


Andy Gray

I read a story that hailed from Des Moines, Iowa, which has been called the “wealthiest City in the world.” (Fun fact of the day.) I’m not here to talk about the wealthy City, but rather some support gained for the electronic cigarette industry from Iowa Attorney General Thomas Miller.

Iowa Attorney Throws a Bone to E Cig Flavors?

While most of the governing bodies are sitting on the sidelines or flat out opposing e cigs and tobacco, the Iowa attorney General has launched some verbiage that seems to support the use of flavors in noncombustible alternatives to tobacco. I can only think of one benefactor here – electronic cigarettes.

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In a statement that probably surprised more people than not, he said that the “challenges” of creating rules to orbit around flavors with non combustibles are “greater than for combustibles.

“This is because it is impossible to rule out significant harm-reduction benefits from use of noncombustible nicotine products by both adults and youth as alternatives to smoking,”

-Iowa Attorney General Thomas Miller

With his formal position on the topic based on research gathered from various sources, Miller’s stance shows that he prioritizes the pro’s for people who either decide to make the change to noncombustible tobacco products rather than the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

“If flavors increase the appeal of harm-reduction transitions and pathways, then intervening to reduce flavor-related appeal may cause harm,” he said. “We do not believe that, at this point, the FDA can reliably distinguish between harms and benefits that arise from flavors in noncombustible nicotine products, or provide assurance that its interventions would not cause more harm than good. This applies to both adult and youth populations.”

Also tabled was the issue of unintended consequences of the and the recent (last ten years, I have to assume) boom of the industry.

“Without the availability of appealing, legally available, noncombustible products like e-cigarettes, there is a danger that consumers will seek the nicotine products they want in the black or gray market or start making their own,” he said.

Being originally from the Midwest, I’m proud of this guy’s stance. Iowa. For. The. Win.

Sorry for the delay in reporting it’s been a good Summer. We’ve been busy studying up the fall lineup and of course, seeing what new products may be coming down the pipeline in the industry. Right now, with legislation making things unclear for the foreseeable future, it’s been tough for brands to launch new products. However, you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got you covered when that day does come about.

Vaping, like usual. #AndyGray

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