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This is wood veneer home Elevator.
Fuji home elevator adheres to the top-tech in the word鈥檚 private lift field. It inherits the classical international design concept and deducts a luxurious dream in your home art. It grants a full play of an overall supreme quality an your home.We are confident that the Volant will handle you vertical transportation needs and will be your first choice over any other home elevator on the market. The villa elevator doesn鈥檛 need special shaft and can be installed in your home quickly and easily at any point during the construction stage or even later
Ceiling : Glazed stainless-steel frame, tube light
Car wall: Color steel plate, glazed stainless-steel, soft wood roll
Floor: Standard PVC(optional marble) (FJ-BO1)
Upper/ lower hood: Hairline stainless steel
Panorama wall: 180掳circular safety laminated glass
Decorative top: Painted steel framework, acrylic arch top plate
Car door: Hairline stainless steel
Handrail: <P25 stainless steel Tube
How should villa elevator do, the effect is good
1銆?Shaft position and space setting
The location space of shaft determines the elevator space and door opening size. It is a good plan to install elevator under stairs and combine with stairs. Generally, we should pay attention to the following three aspects: the lower part of the stairs, the corner of the wall and the external hanging can not block the passage in the middle. Use the width of the door to calculate the width of the shaft, and use the highest point of the top floor to reversely calculate the height of the car. The load capacity is recommended to be 3-4 persons, 400kg, and the inner dimension of the lift car is 0.8-1.2 square meters.
2銆?Style confirmation
Secondly, the choice of well style and environment should be considered. Generally speaking, the enclosed shaft should be enclosed with a closed car, and the sightseeing shaft should be equipped with a sightseeing car, which is what kind of well should be equipped with. Maybe some people can choose three-sided sightseeing or local sightseeing style to choose the most pleasant way.
3銆?Notes on function and safety measures:
In daily life, we often notice that the users of domestic elevators are lack of professional knowledge of elevators, and there are no specialized elevator service personnel. However, the safety of domestic elevators must not be reduced. Therefore, although it is a domestic elevator, it is also the most important to understand its functions according to the passenger elevator standards and take precautions against some safety measures.
Open the door. Generally speaking, there are two ways to open the door, automatic door and manual door, but both must have mechanical and electrical interlocking function to prevent opening the door and opening the floor door when the elevator and elevator are not in use.
Prevent stress collision. Foreign 2-storey domestic elevators usually have no hoistway and no door, but it is necessary to have safety measures to prevent stress collision.
Light curtain is installed to prevent the danger of friction, collision and extrusion. Villa elevator manual swing door design, if the car does not have a door, it is necessary to install a light curtain door to ensure the risk of friction, collision and extrusion.China Villa Elevator manufacturers