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Ardra Nakshatra
As per the Hindu astronomical beliefs, Ardra nakshatra is considered to be the “goddess of fortune”. Ardra nakshatra’s star formation corresponds to the Betelgeuse star. It appears to be brobdingnagian star in the sky and is one of the most dazzling stars. Ardra nakshatra is dominated by the Mithuna rashi.

Basic Information About Ardra Birth Star
The cardinal meaning of Ardra is wet or charged with water. Natives of Ardra nakshatra are very much affected by Rudra or Shiva. On one hand Shiva is even-tempered and tranquil and is considerate towards the well being of the universe, while on the other hand Shiva is also known as the annihilator or the destructor. Shiva drank all the poison that was thrown out as one of the products of ‘Samudra Manthan’, to protect the whole world from its hazardous consequences. And at the same time when he loses his temper, his ‘Tandav’ can pulverize the whole world into ashes. Natives of Ardra nakshatra are found to carry these attributes in their core.

General Characteristics Of Ardra Nakshatra
It is believed that natives of this nakshatra carry the traits of a child and therefore they undergo extremities of emotion like those of utmost happiness or extreme misery.

One of the important behavioral attributes of the natives of Ardra nakshatra is the transformation of emotions that they undergo and it may produce cognizance or state of bewilderment.

These are the type of people who like to scrutinize and probe the reasons behind a particular event that takes place. Some behavioral traits that make natives of Ardra nakshatra attractive and charming are their empathy towards others and their obliging nature.

The probing nature of these natives proves to be the most conspicuous and defining personality attributes of the people of this category. Even children show these traits, who manifest this nature pretty clearly and vocally. They are industrious individuals who work to seek their goals with hundred percent commitment and convert them to achievements and success. This specific personality trait of theirs makes them successful in their professional life.

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