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Heads up New York and San Jose! CASAA talks smokeless with Grimm Green. Commentaries by Clive Bates and American Council on Science and Health. Lots of research, exposing ANTZ propaganda and more!

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HEADS UP! // New York Flavor Ban

Lawmaker wants to ban nicotine pouch flavors “to protect kids.”

“Remember, because sales of tobacco to those under 21 are already illegal, the only legal change this rule would cause is a ban on sales to adults.” ~ Jeff Stier

"…Now I’d like to propose another public health policy discussion that reasonable people with a wide range of ideologies should also agree upon, but this time, we’d evaluate a policy that should be widely rejected."

— Jeff Stier (@JeffaStier) June 4, 2021

THE MORE YOU KNOW // Nicotine Pouches

For more on nicotine pouches–a very low risk, harm reduction alternative for people who smoke, which are also under attack by tobacco control groups–please read this informative article in Vaping360 by CASAA director Jim McDonald.

Nicotine Pouches Face Attacks as Their Popularity Grows.
By Jim McDonald @whycherrywhy

— Vaping360 (@Vaping360) June 4, 2021

READ MORE: Nicotine flavor ban: A lesson in why a bill should not become a law

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HEADS UP! // San Jose, California Flavor Ban

On June 15, City Council will consider banning sale of flavored, low risk nicotine products. Because sale of ANY of these products is already illegal for those under 21, the ban would only legally prohibit sales to adults over 21!

San Jose poised to ban flavored tobacco

— San José Spotlight (@SJSpotlight) June 3, 2021

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CASAA IN ACTION // Talking Smokeless with Grimm Green

Don’t miss CASAA president Danielle Jones ( @RubrDuckyUrThe1) and CEO Alex Clark ( @Hello_Alex) on the venerable Grimm Green’s show. Can the universe handle THAT much CASAA…? Tune in to find out!

READ MORE: CASAA – What is Smokeless/Oral Tobacco?

RESEARCH // Exposing Anti-Harm Reduction Bias

Study finds Modified Risk (MRTP) designation (ie. FDA deems it’s safer) for Heat-Not-Burn products does NOT increase risk of non-smoker uptake, but authors choose to focus on hypothetical possibility of “dual use” with equally low risk vaping.

Could it be because vapers are more likely to know the TRUTH about harm reduction, while people who still smoke are bombarded almost daily by anti-harm reduction propaganda? Maybe if they stop lying about lower risk products, MRTP claims would be more likely to influence them?

— Kristin Noll-Marsh (@Noll_Marsh) June 4, 2021

STUDY LINK: Effect of a hypothetical modified risk tobacco product claim on heated tobacco product use intention and perceptions in young adults

RESEARCH // Exposing Anti-Vaping Bias

A Canadian study–using notoriously unreliable cross-sectional/self-reported data–downplays finding vapers are less likely (19%) to report asthma than people who currently smoke (20%) or even people who had quit smoking (33%). The study also doesn’t disclose whether or not they asked subjects if they were smoking and then switched to vaping BECAUSE of their asthma. Which came first? The vaping or the asthma? It’s an important factor to know!

And let's remember what ex-smokers who have switched to nicotine vapes ("e-cigarettes") tell us about their overall health, lung infections, asthma, and even dental health.

Their lived experience directly contradicts activist-based evidence-making anti-vaping #JunkScience.

— Clovis Sangrail (@ClovisSangrail4) February 7, 2021

READ MORE: Teens, Adults Who Use E-Cigarettes Have Increased Odds of Asthma, Asthma Attacks

STUDY LINK: Does Vaping Increase the Odds of Asthma?: A Canadian Community Health Survey Study

RESEARCH // Exposing Anti-Vaping Bias

Study worries about “youth exposure” to favorable tweets about mango, mint & cucumber JUUL flavors. Yet, JUUL pulled those flavors in the US and countries where they’re still sold somehow haven’t had a “teen epidemic.”

Following #e-cigarette conversations on Twitter using artificial intelligence

— TechXplore (@TechXplore_com) June 4, 2021

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COMMENTARY // US “Moral Panic” Over Juul

“Juul was cutting deeply into the cigarette trade until a moral panic gripped America about youth use of these products. Then e-cigarettes were demonised through a huge anti-vaping campaign focused on banning e-liquid flavours and raising taxes….”

~Clive Bates

READ MORE: Clive Bates: “We must restore the confidence of consumers lost because of misinformation”

COMMENTARY // American Council on Science and Health

“Opponents of vaping often point to the dearth of research on its chronic health effects as a first line of criticism,” but are still “simultaneously making [unproven] statements about the future” health of people who vape.

Health Risks Of #Vaping: Let's Stick To The Science And Speculate Less
by @Camjenglish

— ACSH (@ACSHorg) May 26, 2021

READ MORE: Health Risks Of Vaping: Let’s Stick To The Science And Speculate Less

PUBLIC HEALTH // Consequences of Anti-Harm Reduction Policies

Smoking rates increased during California COVID lockdowns, possibly because of stress and no smoking restrictions at home, but why didn’t vaping rates also increase? Were people going back to smoking because of California’s anti-vaping policies?

It's interesting. Not surprising, but interesting.

How did they control for the effect of people being scared off of vaping from sensationalized media reports of the misleadingly-named EVALI & the disinformation campaigns from the state government and all parts of the UC system?

— Phil (@phil_w888) May 27, 2021

READ MORE: Smokers Light Up More Cigarettes Following California COVID-19 Lockdown Order, Study Finds

PUBLIC HEALTH // Anti-Nicotine Propaganda

According to anti-nicotine groups like Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids & Truth Initiative, these men were all “brain damaged” by nicotine use. Meanwhile, scientists are reporting nicotine therapy can help people with neurological diseases & brain damage (without causing addiction or withdrawal.)

READ MORE: Nicotine, The Wonder Drug?

IN THE NEWS // C-store Vapor Product Sales Up

Data shows vape sales up double digits, as new FDA PMTA guidance gives industry hope after regulatory limbo. “Customers are looking for alternative tobacco products. We’ve noticed that nicotine pouches and vapor are both doing very well.”

Data shows #cstore vape sales up double digits on the year, as new FDA PMTA guidance gives the industry hope after regulatory limbo

— CStoreDecisions (@CStoreDecisions) June 1, 2021

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IN THE NEWS // Exposing Media Bias

News outlets should stick to reporting the news and not editorialize on issues for which they don’t have all of the facts.

Banning far safer alternatives to smoking–especially if your state has areas where teen smoking rates are still 17%–is NOT a good idea!

Read these and more here:

— Norfolk Daily News (@NorfolkNews) June 4, 2021

READ MORE: It’s past time for the FDA to ban flavored cigarettes and e-cigarettes

IN THE NEWS // Exposing Prohibition Tactics

Journalists with undisclosed ties to anti-nicotine zealot Mike Bloomberg have only an ad hominem attack on alleged past funding & the FALSE claim that the scientifically peer-reviewed research was “disproved” as so-called “evidence” for dismissing the scientific research. Additionally, the journalists ignore similar studies that have found verifying results.

Authors of BMJ article have NOT disclosed funding from Bloomberg via Univ of Bath. FOIA document:
My response titled "False and personally damaging allegations made by journalists with undisclosed conflict of interest" still not published. Editors notified

— K. Farsalinos (@FarsalinosK) June 3, 2021

Korean study: "Smoking tends to lower the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection". OR:0.56, 95%CI:0.50–0.62. "Tends" means 44% reduced risk of being infected with SARS-CoV-2. Another study verifying all our findings.

— K. Farsalinos (@FarsalinosK) June 4, 2021

Bloomberg should immediately hire witch hunters to discredit the German scientists who dare report that smokers were 72% less likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19 in Essen… This battle is between science and public health disgrace…

— K. Farsalinos (@FarsalinosK) November 28, 2020

READ MORE: Investigation discredits studies suggesting lower COVID-19 risk for smokers

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