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    Take the U.S. Vapor Flavors Survey Today!

    Thank you, we will. Dont forget to invite your friends and share your posts tonyour socials.;)
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    Take the U.S. Vapor Flavors Survey Today!

    Super cool survey actually. Thank you for posting!
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    Hey buddy, you should get on here once in a while

    Hey buddy, you should get on here once in a while
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    Vape laws for all 50 states (super cool-super long)

    Vaping Laws For All 50 States 2018 Electronic cigarettes (commonly referred to as e-cigarettes) are gaining in popularity as an alternative to traditional, tobacco-based cigarettes. With a rapid increase, health agencies nationwide are calling for a crackdown on the use of e-cigarettes in...
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    How do you smoke a vape?

    This video was created by us but the credit all goes to for this amazing article. You guys kick ass! You can read the full article here. I thought the video turned out really god so check it out.
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    Latest Vaping News

    FDA lets vaping flourish as it eyes crackdown on cigarettes The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is giving wide leeway to electronic cigarettes as it attempts to push people away from traditional tobacco products. In the last year, the agency has taken initial steps to place further...
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    Welcome To VapeBoxer

    We are a small few here at VapeBoxer! We are a currently a small Vaping Community with intentions of bringing any and all fellow vapes out there together. Why would we want to bring all of you together? Good question. We believe that by keeping something alive and fresh you need to talk about...
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    ECigIntelligence User Survey 2018

    WOW! This is a super bad ass post. Thanks to all the researchers out there that actually take the time to do all this just so we have the information. High five dudes...Seriously
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    Does vaping really cause popcorn lung?

    This is true So i guess a lot of people in this tiny world are still worried about the infamous popcorn lung! Honestly, i would be too if i haven't already read about 15 studies so i could get the proof for myself. So here is the cold hard truth. First off i will talk about this study that...
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    5 Reasons It Makes Sense To Invest In The Vaping Industry - ValueWalk

    This post really should mention investing in the vaping industry by having your own vape website created. I know that there are many web design companies out there that'll do it, and I know one for sure and it's Creating a vape forum an online store these two...
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    The War on Flavors: FDA Fires the First Shot

    I honestly think that if they took the flavoring out of eLiquid it would pretty much suck at first, but I don't think it would stop too many Vapors from completely quitting. We would all just have to get used to it I guess.
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    Smoking Rate Drops Below 15%…Thanks to Vaping?

    I would have to say that some kind of percentage would be because of vaping. There will be a time when the CDC starts looking at vaping for what it really is, but the time is certainly not right now. Whatever, nice post though:cool:
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    New FDA Study on Battery-Related Injuries from Vaping

    Looks like people should stop blaming others and start taking care of their batteries huh! I can't believe some people just don't get this.
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    How Will FDA’s Low-Nicotine Cigarettes Affect Vaping?

    Well some day in these peoples eyes they will just look at the simple facts that cigarettes kill millions of our family members a year and they can help to reduce these numbers. :mad:
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    Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

    This is a quick little video i created in 15 minutes. nothing special, but kind of funny too.
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    Ill show you mine of you show me yours!

    Like most people you've probably heard of a Squonk Box I actually just got one and i gotta say they kick ass! Other than the blood sucking battery life (1battery) it's my #1 mod i carry around everywhere. With the dead-rabbit RDA it makes it even more bad ass.
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    The U.S. Army Bans CBD

    Confusion about CBD has led the U.S. Army to ban the substance for soldiers, despite admitting that it actually isn’t harmful. The action happened after a number of incidents involving soldiers getting sick from ingesting so-called “synthetic cannabinoids.” “Approximately 60 patients with...
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    Russia May Take A Pro-Vaping Stance

    Russia may soon encourage smokers to switch to vaping, and may even implement a tax scheme to make vapes more attractive to smokers than cigarettes. The news came in an interview with Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, published in the Moscow-based business paper Vedomosti...
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    Are Vapers At Risk From Hazardous Metals?

    A group of researchers from Johns Hopkins and other universities are getting a lot of attention with a study that claims to show dangerous levels of various metals in e-cigarette vapor. The press release was in newsrooms before the study had even been published, and the researchers were on the...
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    Can Cole-Bishop Still Save the Vaping Industry?

    Once again, Congress is negotiating the final appropriations bills that will fund the government for fiscal year 2018. And once again, the Cole-Bishop Amendment is in the mix. The Cole-Bishop is a version of the bill introduced last year by Reps. Tom Cole of Oklahoma and Sanford Bishop of...