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    Dragons Breath

    ALL RECIPE MEASUREMENTS ARE BASED ON MAKING 10ML IN TOTAL If you need to make more, multiply the measurements Example: if you need 60ML multiply each measurement by 6
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    ~Chillin' & Vaping~

    ~Chillin' & Vaping~
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    Vapeboxer Admin Intro ~ Cloudpuncher ~

    I have been Vaping for 10 years now used Vaping to quite smoking( before it was cool) I smoked for 15 years off and on, pack a day. I own a vape shop four years strong. I have three juice lines local, someday maybe National. I started making my own juice diy life and still love to create and...
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    5 Reasons to own a Vaporizer

    Number 6 cause you can’t customize a stinky ass cigarette, and personalize it to your style and look bad ass. Ever hear anyone ask hey that’s a bad ass cigarette where did you get it what’s your favorite filter, does it come in green, what flavor are you smoking. No cause cigarettes are stupid...
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    Vaping is 95% less than smoking cigs

    The sad thing is the evidence is out there. Proof like myself I have been Vaping for ten years no issues I get regular check ups most my doctors like Vaping and feel it is a better alternative to cancer sticks. But fuck the masses it’s not good business to try or be healthy in the eyes of...
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    Just another crazy Saturday... and a rant about helping others

    So shiny, cleaning and polishing some of my mods. The day started out slow took advantage to build, clean, and change coils. I feel as a true Vaper you can’t have to many mods. Always need to have a regulated and a mech mod, tank and RDA by me at all times. But remember the important thing...
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    Diacetyl in E-juice

    What is Diacetyl? According to Wiki this is the breakdown of what Diacetyl. Most E-juice companies have taken care in buying Diacteyl free concentrates I do when making my own e-juice. I found a bad ass video that helps break the information down. There is a lot of information out there you...
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    My setup today chillin' at the shop.

    Using the RSQ squonk mod by Rig Mod with a Peerless RDA vaping on some Dragon Berries from Evaporated Tech's Pure Simplicity line. Chillin' at the vape shop today doing paperwork.
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